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Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial dental roots that are used to replace missing teeth.

There are three pieces to a dental implant: a ceramic or titanium post, an attachment, and a replacement. Dental implants, which are designed to mimic natural tooth roots, provide bone support as well as a strong foundation for a dental bridge, single dental crown, a denture, or a full arch replacement.

Many individuals are already eligible for dental implants or will be after undergoing preparatory procedures such as bone grafts and tooth extractions. After a thorough consultation and assessment with an implant dentist, candidacy can be more accurately assessed.

It varies from person to person and with health and behaviors. Dental implants are likely to be successful in a healthy person with good oral care and overall health, with 90-99% estimated success rates.

Dental implants, unlike natural teeth, are not prone to dental illnesses such as decay, yet, the condition of the gums is critical for long-term implant success. For dental implants to last, the patient must take good care of them at home and have frequent professional cleanings and check-ups. As each patient is unique, the success of implants is determined by a combination of criteria, including evaluation and treatment, medical records, and a range of other considerations.

Modern implant placement is quick and precise, thanks to advances in surgical technology. The treatment can often be finished in just a few hours using patient-fitted surgical guides. Several factors determine the time of your surgery, but regardless of how long it takes, you will be comfortable.



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