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How do Dental
Implants work?

minimally invasive treatments

How do Dental Implants work?

At Beachy Dental in Mount Pleasant, SC, we believe that prevention is always better than treatment. We also practice minimally invasive treatments, which means we only treat when it’s absolutely necessary.

Dental implants are a long-term investment, and your appointment with our team at Beachy Dental is one of the most crucial phases in that process. This consultation aims to learn about your problem and long-term dental and health goals. From here, we may get diagnostics and create your design and a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs, so you can have a completely new smile and improved quality of life.

What's next?

1. Meet Us

With dental implants, you’re beginning to move towards a new smile. You will meet our experienced team and your personal concierge, who will guide you through the entire procedure.
At Beachy Dental, you can count on us for dental procedures such as tooth extraction, soft tissue grafting, bone grafting, provisional delivery, etc. This isn’t going to feel like a boring, impersonal implant clinic. We serve our patients as if they were members of our family!

2. The Strategy

Discussing your teeth is the next stage in your dental implant consultation. What impact does your current dental situation have on your quality of life? What do you hope to achieve with a fresh smile? We’ll be able to identify the optimal plan for you based on how you respond to these questions.
From the appearance of your new smile to the products we use, the more detailed you are, the better we can customize your treatment plan. Each patient obtains fully tailored and suited teeth that feel and look natural!

3. Diagnostics

Your assessment and treatment will also include digital diagnostics. We use a digital smile design for this. We take high-resolution pictures of your teeth and bones using intraoral scanning and CBCT equipment. Your smile is digitally built using this information, from the shape and color of each tooth, along with your final bridge. These diagnostics are also used to organize your surgery and virtually provide a personalized surgical guide. Our exclusive digital technique ensures a higher-quality product in no time.

4. Treatment Strategy

Based on your smiling goals and test results, we’ll present you with various treatment alternatives. Unlike others, our team does not provide a “one-size-fits-all” treatment option. Every aspect and demand is handled with the utmost accuracy in our dental implant treatments, which vary according to our patients. You can select the treatment option that best meets your goals, oral health requirements, and financial circumstances.



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